I have struggled with my relationship with food for most of my life, certainly since I was an adolescent. I have seen numerous therapists who have tried to help me overcome this cycle of feast and famine, anorexia and bulimia. I know I have caused myself so much damage both mentally and physically over the years and I feel so sad about how much time I have lost.

I was desperate when I met Easton Hamilton of Reach – in fact I was virtually without hope. The Reach Approach is the method of helping that he uses and for me it was like a miracle had occurred in my life – a real miracle. And when I looked at the many articles about mental and physical health on the website,, I couldn’t believe how they ‘spoke’ to me. The truth is that this stuff just works.

I came to understand in my heart that I am worthy and that I don’t have to use food to either comfort myself, punish myself or prove my value by being thin enough to be accepted. It sounds so stupid when I see it written down but that’s another thing I learned from Easton, “you cannot heal that which you conceal” – and you can’t heal at all without compassion for yourself.

Reading one of the Reach handouts, N.O.S.E., was so scary and yet it struck so many chords in me that I knew it was the way forward. I had to get to the real root of my food issues in order to get on with my life. I particularly loved the handout and video called The Power of Choice and the video Being the Best You Can Be. And also the handout Living with Ambivalence which explains how we need to accept the less ‘polished’ aspects of ourselves in order that they can grow and mature and improve.

I cannot recommend The Reach Approach highly enough. I feel as though it literally saved my life. I was killing myself slowly and certainly had no joy in my life. That has now changed in every way.