Being the best I can be is a wonderful goal I think. I have become aware though that when I wasn’t just existing - going from day to day - what I have been doing is to watch others and to compare myself with them; in school, college, then work – at home too, and so very often I didn’t come ‘up to scratch’ in my own mind It’s not surprising that I didn’t feel good about myself but it’s interesting for me too that my feelings would often turn to resentment, blame, self-pity and many other destructive thoughts and emotions.

With the wonderful help of Easton Hamilton, of the Reach Approach, I am now focusing on myself and sincerely trying to be the best I can be. On Reach’s amazing website there are many beautiful videos, one being ‘Being the Best I can Be’ and by listening to this regularly I have come to realise that if I take time to look within myself, I begin to see who I am, to see the possibilities therein and how I can be the person I want to be and I don’t have to measure up to anyone else.

It is wonderfully freeing! I am taking charge; I know I have choices and I am released of all those negative, destructive thoughts about myself and others. I am getting better and better :0) Thank you Easton and thank you to all those at Reach. Keep up the wonderful work! Dan Ellis