Within the psychotherapeutic world there has been debate on the relevance of our past in connection with working towards present day and future well-being. As a long standing integrative practitioner my experience has shown there is real value in consulting our past to see how it is holding us hostage. In exploring this, it led me to speak to Easton Hamilton who directed me to the wonderful and unique website

What can be found on this site is just a small part of what the Reach Approach offers and is a clear and informative rationale for the inclusion of working with our past, explaining how unresolved issues undermine our ability to live contentedly in the present. What the website also includes is support in how we can embrace our past and how to let go of those parts of our past that we no longer need and that don’t serve us. For example there is a video Dearest Past to engage in; an uplifting script to read and recite in support of the positive change we are seeking.

What makes The Reach Approach website so unique is that it covers so many areas of mental health and well-being in such a clear and supportive way, for example it covers: Overcoming Fears and Phobias; Anger Management; Beating Depression and Addictions; Rebuilding Confidence and with each of these areas there are freely available supportive videos and scripts as well as independent expert opinions. It is very impressive indeed.

Hannah Goodman