Every day I promised myself that I would stop drinking so much. At the beginning of my drinking I told myself that a glass of wine or two was what I deserved after the stress of my working day... it helped me unwind and relax so what could be wrong in that? 'Stress kills' so this was a better option wasn't it?

I'm not quite sure when my glass of wine became a bottle, and I was in denial about how much I needed it. My behaviour became erratic; often defensive and sometimes aggressive, and my partner was threatening to leave if I did not seek help.

Through The Reach Approach and my therapist Jo, I began to explore why I was so dependent on alcohol and through dismantling some of the issues I had been struggling internally with I began to slowly take back control. Progress has not been rapid, and I have had some relapses, but Jo has patiently taught me that relapses are part of the process which come to guide me to the right path.

Thank you Jo for giving me back myself, and for teaching me other constructive ways to deal with stress!

Audrey Hales