As a therapist I felt somewhat angry with myself for getting to the point where life was all too much bother...I had recognised through supervision that I needed deeper, personal work to help to gain some perspective and support.

Reducing my work load followed with the help of my colleagues and my own journey took priority.

Personal therapy was part of my training, but life events had brought many challenges over the ensuing years and they had begun to take their toll. I was 'running on empty'.

Working with Judith and 'thereachapproach' really opened my mind to the balance needed between mind, body, spirit and environment to ensure mental and physical well-being.

My training in one orientation had not integrated these four aspects and it was a revelation to me! How could I give from an empty vessel? I had to learn how to nurture myself in order to properly nurture others.

With great patience and understanding Judith helped to dissipate my anger at myself and taught me how to live with the ambivalence of my position. We do our best with the skills and tools we have and with loving kindness and compassion we can grow to be the best we can be....for ourselves and for others.

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