I came across the book ‘Synergy: the cure for all ills’ by Easton Hamilton, quite by accident. Oh, what a wonderful accident to have! My life has felt a bit like an accident – a car wreck really, but this book certainly is making my life better and better. As I read it, my life started to make more sense – to be honest what I read connected with me so deeply that I felt it at my very core and tears filled my eyes. I was a jumble of emotions but above all I felt relief and joy.

In his book, Easton Hamilton explains how every aspect of who we are is connected and how each aspect impacts on those other parts of ourselves. He shows how, if we are not taking care of all parts, then the area we are looking after is undermined, no matter how well we are attending to it - and how it can’t be sustained in its highest form.

For instance, I’ve really put a lot of time in reading about Mindfulness – trying to stay with and value each moment and I have really practiced it for some time - and yes, there has been benefit for short spells but it was so hard to maintain, so difficult to stop negative thoughts and a rationale of – yeah, but what about this that happened or that that was said, etc.

It’s been hard to be mindful and enjoy each moment when there was always something that came along and dragged me down again. Now I understand why I have felt so lost and out of control – my emotions, my health, my relationships, everything. Of course I have been responsible for lots of it – but not all. I realize it's ok to make mistakes but I am not a mistake.
‘Synergy: the cure for all ills’ gives me the understanding, the process and the tools to feel better about me, to live and care about me and shows me how I can step out and up from the wreckage and begin again. It is showing me how I can find the best of me and grow to be even better. That is real joy. Mr Hamilton – my heartfelt thanks.