Each and every one of "The Reach Approach" meditations is a mixed bag of what I will call “blessings” to me. Depending on which part of my mind/body/soul I feel needs extra attention, I will make my choices accordingly. These meditations are a must for me to start my day. There is so much choice, so many different themes, each one I feel has been carefully crafted.

My dear friend from across the ocean, Easton Hamilton, has the most soothing voice, which in itself is incredible as it’s so supportive, kind and hypnotic. When the words start flowing out and along with the background music, everything begins to become crystal clear, in ways that have helped me to become a better human being.

I stumbled on these beautiful meditations at a time I was extremely ill and ‘shut in’. I felt depressed and felt no one had the time to talk to me. Everyone’s life was too full or too busy, and I was drowning. It was so fortunate for me that I came across The Reach Approach meditations because they have literally saved my life and for this I will always be grateful beyond words.

Thank you Reach, thank you Easton. May you and your team continue to inspire those you’ve never me – like me. Have a beautiful day.

L. Wagner, USA