My problem was such a taboo topic I could barely bring myself to speak to anyone about it but a colleague gently pointed me in the direction of Easton Hamilton and The Reach Approach and I am so thankful that she did.

My 15 year old son was aggressive and increasingly violent towards me. It was so shameful. I knew I must have done something terribly wrong – or my partner had - but I had always tried to be the best parent I could be and didn’t know where to start to put this right.

I have learned so much through The Reach Approach about how to take care of myself and in turn how to take care of others and yet keep boundaries that are appropriate and that keep my self-respect in tact. My son’s behaviour is beginning to alter as a result – changing for the better. It’s up and down but I feel like a different person and for the first time in a long time I have hope that this situation can be remedied and we will all survive it.

I especially love the video and handout on called Virtue or Vice? as well as the handout Virtues Always Travel in Pairs. These have really helped me to understand that you have to offer parental love with the balance of rules and boundaries otherwise that love becomes something less positive and unhelpful.

I’ve also learned to forgive myself for my shortcomings. I no longer beat myself up and I do accept I’ve always had good intentions but not always known the right thing to do. It’s all been such a revelation to me and I will forever be thankful to Easton and to The Reach Approach.