I never imagined that I would ever find the courage to ask for help from a counsellor as I had grown up with the message that it was weak to rely on anyone else to solve my problems.

Coming across has been literally life saving!

I had no idea how to help myself with the problems that had been shadowing me for years, and having read about anxiety on their website decided to make an appointment to see one of their counsellors.

Easton Hamilton is the director at The Reach Approach and founded their synergistic model based on his enormous knowledge of the human condition and a lifetime of research, study and clinical practice. He helped me to unravel what had seemed my insurmountable issues giving me a voice for the anger that I thought was anxiety. He showed me how anxiety can mask anger and how to release these feelings and make room in my life for more positive ways of living.

Their website has also been my companion throughout. The many free resources available help to reinforce the learning in the sessions, making them invaluable and inspirational as a vehicle for change.

It is with gratitude to Easton and Reach that I encourage you, if you are hesitating, to call and find with them, a sustainable solution for what ails you

Sonia, The Midlands