I am a social worker and work closely with families who foster young children and teenagers. The job is very stressful because it inevitably involves managing difficult emotions and behaviour from the young people involved.

I had noticed that my stress levels had gone through the roof during work on a particularly tragic case and I just didn't know where to turn to help myself so that I could continue to work... I seriously considered going off sick, which is not who I am.

A friend pointed me in the direction of The Reach Approach and thank goodness! I have been so helped by their relaxation and meditation videos like The Need to Slow Down and Being the Best You Can Be and their written downloads like 'Less is More'.

I feel stronger, like my sanity is returning and that I can actually do my job again. The more I read about The Reach Approach the more I realize there is so much to learn about health - so I'm just starting to look at all their articles on the relationship between food and mood and how if you don't drink enough water, this alone stresses the body and the mind.

The Reach Approach website is like an Aladin's cave, full of treasures - I don't think I will run out of life-saving discoveries for quite some time to come