I'm a student, in my final year, in fact I've just about finished, but I felt I wanted to write something about The Reach Approach because I can't tell you how much they and their website helped me get through my course and the exams at the end. I have never really felt confident about my abilities, or actually about anything in my life. And being a student was hard for me because I found it difficult to fit in and make friends and on top of that the academic work was a real challenge.

Speaking to one of the therapists at Reach I was directed to their site She recommended that I look at the Resources page and download some of the self-talk scripts which teach you to relate more supportively, kindly and encouragingly to yourself. I could never have imagined the benefit that alone would bring me. I feel more able to talk to people, to go out into the job market now that my course is finished and just confident to be myself.

In addition to these self-talk scripts I listen every night to an MP3 download called Positive Affirmations which underlines for me the fact that I can achieve anything I put my mind to. I am so grateful to The Reach Approach and would recommend the website to anyone struggling with low confidence. Have a look - you've got nothing to lose and I for one have gained so much.