I’ve been volunteering my services in Eritrea for the last 12 months and came across the Reach Approach website when looking for inspirational material – it has literally kept me sane! I’ve battled with feeling homesick and wondering whether I’m good enough to do what I’m doing. There are days when the connection is so poor and I’m unable to access the site and I really notice the difference. It’s not that I’m dependent on it – maybe I am in a good way – it’s just that it’s such an invaluable support.

I’ve particularly found the meditation and relaxation section of great help to me. I feel like I’m learning a new skill, one that is portable, which is really useful, as I have to move around a lot. I’ve also found myself, even though I’m not qualified, trying to pass on the beauty and the simplicity of the Reach Approach messages.

Another invaluable resource for me personally has been the bite sized insights. I think it’s great how so much insight and helpful instruction is packed literally into a few minutes and being able to download them for such a modest fee has been great. The Reach Approach must be helping literally thousands of people across the planet to find clarity and inner peace. I can’t recommend it enough. Thank you great people for helping me!