Our training organisation has had some difficulty finding expertise in a holistic, integrative approach. We wanted our students to empower themselves and their clients with concepts and strategies that link together for building confidence and self-esteem. We discovered The Reach Approach.

There are no shortages of training courses that specialise in just one approach but none of these individual models covered other perspectives. They seemed to focus solely on the influence the mind has on well-being and wholeness. The Reach Approach offers much more!

‘The Story of Health’ was a wonderful framework to work with, and addressed the integrative nature of well-being from a ‘Mind, Body, Spirit, Environment’ perspective. Nobody is teaching in this comprehensive way!

They offered us a training package that was comprehensive and affordable, as their philosophy of ‘Principle before Profit’ has been their guiding light for almost 25 years.

Their support and guidance throughout was exceptional, and everyone involved found it to be uplifting and inspiring. We will definitely be using The Reach Approach to deliver training and wholeheartedly recommend them!