I came across when a friend said she’d found the site useful. I’ve always been interested in health, probably because I’ve suffered with various health issues myself, all my life - nothing life-threatening but conditions that have made my life at times very uncomfortable and stressful, like eczema, allergies and food intolerances.

It’s been so hard to determine what I’m sensitive to or how to treat these things and the doctors have tried but all test results have been inconclusive. So having spoken to Easton Hamilton and read many of the articles on the Reach website about health from a holistic perspective, I have learned so much. For instance, I’ve understood that I have been dehydrated all my life and this has been my worst enemy because nothing can really work properly in my body without enough water.

I’ve learned how to support my digestive system and especially my immune system, using natural products and improved diet, which my doctors haven’t ever mentioned to me. The list of benefits goes on and on. I’m writing because I want to recommend The Reach Approach website to anyone who wants to embrace health (both mental and physical) from a natural and holistic perspective. I’d exhausted the ‘medication route’ and I’m so glad I now have chosen this path, because I can feel my body responding.

It takes a little time, but I’ve learned patience too!! I’ve got more energy, my allergies are improving, my eczema is almost gone, which is miraculous to me. I couldn’t be happier. Thank you Easton and Reach.

Craig Edwards