As a therapist I felt somewhat angry with myself for getting to the point where life was all too much bother...I had recognised through supervision that I needed deeper, personal work to help to gain some perspective and support. Reducing my work load followed with the help of my colleagues and my own journey took priority.


I have struggled with my relationship with food for most of my life, certainly since I was an adolescent. I have seen numerous therapists who have tried to help me overcome this cycle of feast and famine, anorexia and bulimia. I know I have caused myself so much damage both mentally and physically over the years and I feel so sad about how much time I have lost...


My problem was such a taboo topic I could barely bring myself to speak to anyone about it but a colleague gently pointed me in the direction of Easton Hamilton and The Reach Approach and I am so thankful that she did.

My 15 year old son was aggressive and increasingly violent towards me. It was so shameful. I knew I must have done something terribly wrong – or my partner had - but I had always tried to be the best parent I could be and didn’t know where to start to put this right...


Being grateful was something I was told I should be. I was usually being scolded; accused of being ungrateful. And so a combination of guilt and resentment often simmered within me. That was years ago. On coming across The Reach Approach 2014 calendar and reading ‘A Mind Full Of Gratitude Has No Room For Complaint’ therein, memories were triggered and emotions challenged. I explored their websites and


A challenge for you - do an ‘Inventory of Incongruence’. If you are like me, your first response will be ‘What??!’ I have been doing some work on myself over the past couple of months, with the help of Easton Hamilton of The Reach Approach. It wasn’t that I’d been in a particularly bad place – more that I just wanted to be in a better place; have a bit more understanding about me and a plan on how I go forward.


Each and every one of "The Reach Approach" meditations is a mixed bag of what I will call “blessings” to me. Depending on which part of my mind/body/soul I feel needs extra attention, I will make my choices accordingly. These meditations are a must for me to start my day. There is so much choice, so many different themes, each one I feel has been carefully crafted.


Thank you Jo, I am so happy that I do not become a bother to you. I just feel the sharing of my experience is so important because so many people are isolated because of the hectic nature of modern life. So conversations about what’s really important are becoming less and less. I know I have benefitted so much from seeing you, the Reach website and the generosity of The Reach Approach generally. I love your philosophy. You are a great practitioner and you’ve helped me to find what’s good about me.


Do you ever feel guilty, angry, lethargic, sad, frustrated, exhausted, beaten. Are you tired of the lack of change in your life, tired of the same old voice in your head, tired of the ever-continuing cycle of un-kept resolutions …. tired .. tired .. tired …? I was. But there is a solution – ‘learn to live ambivalently’...


The website is as diverse as it is beautiful. It clearly reflects the message it offers, in the way it is continually growing, giving and embracing. As a small example, have a look at the videos Key Principles for Growth, Asking for Nothing and Face and Forgive.

The site is constantly added to and most of the precious contents given for free. There is kindness, guidance and patience within The Reach Approach ethos (see for instance The Need for Compassion, All You Need to Know and The 3 P’s).


I never imagined that I would ever find the courage to ask for help from a counsellor as I had grown up with the message that it was weak to rely on anyone else to solve my problems.

Coming across has been literally life saving! I had no idea how to help myself with the problems that had been shadowing me for years, and having read about anxiety on their website decided to make an appointment to see one of their counsellors.


Looking for help for low self confidence, I found Reach. Their website ( was very helpful and I realised that one to one counselling was a possibility. So I plucked up the courage to ring and I got an appointment with Jo Kilburn and began a journey of positive change.

My family life was very dysfunctional...not that I realised this at the time.


When I was 14 I distinctly remember feeling unsure of where I fitted in...

All my friends seemed really confident and self-assured and I found myself on the edge of friendship groups desperately wanting to be like them. I tried to tell myself that as I got older it would improve, but years later, at 33, I found I couldn't go on any longer.