Helping Professionals

I am a Partner in a large professional organisation based in the Midlands. We established a relationship with Easton Hamilton and Reach nearly 20 years ago when we were looking for an organisation to which we could refer any of our staff who were experiencing work related, emotional or psychological stress.

I wanted to take just a few minutes to say how grateful I am for this relationship and for the professionalism and care that the Reach therapists have exhibited to our staff over the years. We have referred over 100 staff to Reach for a variety of reasons such as bereavement, grief, bullying and conflict in the work place, anxiety, stress, depression, panic, anger management, burnout and fatigue.

I have only ever had positive feedback from the staff who attended counselling. This is further demonstrated by the large number of people who, after their initial referral, have chosen to continue taking a journey of personal development with Reach.

It is my personal opinion, that Reach has contributed significantly to the emotional and psychological wellbeing of many of our staff and in doing so have positively influenced the morale and productivity of our organisation. I believe that as an employer we have a responsibility to invest in the mental health of our employees and I would like to thank Reach for helping us to engage with this responsibility in such an effective manner.

I would not hesitate to recommend Reach to any employers who may be looking to develop or strengthen an Employee Assistance Programme within their organisation. To find out more about their services, please look at or contact them on

Wragge & Co. LLP.